Is it time to give insulated metal panels a second look ?

Even there is only small number of houses are built by insulated metal panels, but it is really a good building insulation material.

 Insulated panels are a type of high-performance building panels consist of two metal sheets and a layer of polystyrene, polyurethane, rockwool, magnesium, aluminum honeycomb or paper honeycomb as a core insulation material in between.

What are the advantages of insulated metal panels? That is the lower cost, faster built and energy efficient building. The inherent energy efficiency is one of the biggest feature of the insulated metal panels, it can offer a higher R value than a traditional building material.

Insulated metal panels are manufactured under factory-controlled condition and can be custom designed for different requirement. Using insulated panel system can save your time, money and labor. The product helped reduce time and labor costs significantly as the panels were manufactured off-site, so they were able to be quickly installed in place on the site.
Insulated panels system is easy to install which can speed up the construction time and even more, insulated panel can be disassembled easily and recycle for many times.
Insulted panels can have several insulation choices based on project needs, it can be heat insulation, sound proof, fire proof, acid and alkali resistance.

This system is not as popular as it should be for traditional housing market one main factor is because it is more suitable for temporary building system instead of permanent residence housing as its life span limit. the housing system using insulated metal panels normally last about 20 years, and it is mostly applied in fields such as prefabricated house, temporary school, movable hospital, labor accommodation, site office or hotel etc. it is also applied for the roofing and wall for industries area like warehouse, storage room etc.
It is easy to cut a door, a window, easy to install the electricity system and piping for this insulation panel system.

At the beginning of the insulated panel system applied in construction projects, it is regular color is off white or sky blue and have no much choice which restrict the outlook of the buildings, builder still need to pay extra cost to make another layer of decoration material on the sandwich panels. But now, there already have the decoration effect on the skin metal sheets, it can be different pattern, color and decoration look which save cost and make the housing much more beautiful.


cleanroom panels support hospital construction

Spring is coming

At zero o'clock on April 8, the channel leaving Wuhan and Hubei was reopened. On this day, 77 days have passed since Wuhan closed its railway station and airport on January 23,2020.

Looking back on this unforgettable two months, countless respectable and lovely people came forward, we can be safe at home, it is because of their efforts! Our soldiers in white, volunteers and thousands of heroes are protecting our homes with their own sweat, tears and even life! Wuhan is a very heroic city. Finally, welcome the good news of the national celebration of "bringing down the disease and lighting up the whole city".
Wuhan, the hero behind the anti epidemic campaign, and looking back on Huaao behind the honor, what kind of "not to lose the spring, just to get the autumn". Every bit seems to be yesterday. We can see the days and nights of Huaao's rescue of huoshenshan hospital, leishenshan hospital, fangcang hospital and "Xiaotangshan" hospital. What's more, the spirit of Huaao people is that they are not humble but not overactive, and that they are united. Every honor is inseparable from the indomitable spirit of every Huaao person. Dare to do, dare to think, dare to fight, dare to dream of the Huaao team is destined to create a star in the employment industry.

No winter impassable, novel coronavirus pneumonia, and no spring will not come. In this warm spring recovery day, Hubei Hua Ao has been in the wind and rain. It has also welcomed our great joy: the provincial office issued the Hubei workshop first ranking and the only one of the list of the top priority and the only one of the list of new champions. How proud of Huaao people!

Yesterday has passed, today is at the foot of our feet, the future is in our hands. I wish the motherland and the world are safe. Let's bear in mind the heroic martyrs, inherit and carry forward their patriotism and heroic spirit, overcome difficulties, strive to open up a better and happy future !


cleanroom sandwich panel for huoshenshan makeshift hospital ICU ward

"Now I come to the ICU Hall of huoshenshan hospital. There are two ICU halls like this in the whole hospital, each of which has an area of 500 square meters and can hold 15 beds. All the severe patients will be treated here. Now the construction of the ICU hall has reached the stage of building clean room wall panels. Now let's check the cleanroom color steel wall panels and listen to the percussion. The sound and knocking sound reflect the density and quality of the clean room sandwich panel. At the same time, the surface of the color steel sandwich panel is very smooth, which can prevent dust from accumulating on the wall panel. In addition, a negative pressure ventilation system will be installed inside the ward to ensure that the ICU ward is highly clean and the virus will not leak out. These cleanroom sandwich wall panels are used to separate the ICU hall into various functional work areas." from live reporter.

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Something about clean room sandwich panel

The purified color steel sandwich panel is widely used in the roof, wall and ceiling and partition of clean room projects and steel structure workshop and simple movable room. Color steel sandwich panel is now diversified and pervasive. The coating of color steel plate is cold-rolled steel plate and galvanized steel plate. After chemical treatment on the surface or composite organic film, it is made by baking and curing. Color steel plate is produced in rolls, also known as color coating roll. Color steel plate has the properties of high mechanical strength of steel materials, easy to form, as well as exquisite decoration and degradation resistance Color steel sandwich panel is a new material widely used in the world. Color steel sandwich panel has the advantages of light weight, high strength, heat preservation and insulation, earthquake resistance and wind resistance, etc. color steel sandwich panel construction is an integrated high-level structure with decoration and installation. Color steel plate construction has the characteristics of light weight, splicing installation and cutting at will, which determines that the installation of color steel plate room is simple, can increase benefit, save construction period, and fireproof sandwich The surface material and thermal insulation material of clean room panel are non-combustible materials, which can completely meet the requirements of fire protection code for color steel board construction. Through a variety of research results, the construction life of color steel panel can reach more than 30-40 years. Here are seven aspects of clean room panel.

1. Classification of purified color steel panel

1.1. color steel sandwich panel are generally classified into: glass magnesium, gypsum, gypsum rock wool, rock wool, polystyrene foam, polyurethane, paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb. Paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb and polystyrene foam are not up to the fire code. The filler in the paper honeycomb is inflammable, and the heat transfer of the aluminum honeycomb filler is good, so the temperature on the other side of the board quickly exceeds 300 ℃, which does not meet the requirements of fire protection. Now the combustion limit should be within 1 hour. However, in some areas, polystyrene foam sandwich panel with flame retardants are used. Some people think that the fillers in the paper honeycomb board are fire-retardant treated paper, which can meet the requirements of fire protection. In fact, gypsum board is widely used in anti-static machine clean room.

1.2. According to panel material: brand of Bao steel, Huamei, etc., Huamei or 0.5 Bao steel with base plate thickness of 0.426. The zinc content of Baosteel's plate is relatively high and it is relatively corrosion-resistant. And the thickness has no negative tolerance. It is said that Bao steel has a good flatness, but it is not obvious in practice. Bao steel is more expensive than other brands. The process of galvanizing has a decisive influence on the quality of the substrate. The hot-dip galvanizing plate is better than the cold galvanizing (galvanizing). Generally, Bao steel uses hot-dip galvanizing, which makes it is more expensive.

1.3. According to workmanship: manual type and mechanism type. At present, the strength of most of the sandwich panels is almost the same as that of the machine-made boards. As long as there is no problem with glue, the machine-made boards are generally OK. But the rock wool boards absolutely need to use the hand-made boards, and the top board is better to add a layer of gypsum board or glass magnesium board when it is used for a walkable ceiling, because the machine-made rock wool boards have not enough strength.

1.4. Production place of precoated sandwich panel: cities like Suzhou, Foshan, Guangzhou, Changzhou etc.

2. Selection of sandwich panel in pharmaceutical factory

At present, pharmaceutical companies choose hollow glass magnesium more, the mechanism or manual type are almost the same. There's no problem with intensity or fire resistant. However, for areas with cold climate and poor indoor heating, the insulation effect is poor, especially for the ceiling, there will be condensation. Some of the poor quality of the plate, there will be glass magnesium and color steel plate peeling, and some of the appearance can be seen from the edge. Rock wool sandwich board, because rock wool insulation has an impact on the clean room area, and sometimes it will expand when wet condition. There are some enterprises that use the glass magnesite cotton handmade board. Some enterprises choose gypsum rock wool hand-made board. If you want to save cost,then you can communicate with local fire departments, you can also use the following area: corridors, main pedestrian passageways and escape passageways. In the flammable and explosive area, the mechanism is hollow double glass magnesium plates, and the other regions use polystyrene foam color steel sandwich panel with flame retardants materials.

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